Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Global Pursuit Entertainment


Till Tha Day I Die 1st Sneak Peek Video

Under Pressure Lyrics [NEW Single Coming Soon]


Under new pressure/
Im coming through like Lester/
My bangin hits/ bang heads/
And shakin dreads like Hester/
Lyricly Im cancer/
Brakin yall like the Answer/
Yall niggaz couldnt touch me with a male enhancer/
I know that Queen in the 80's had a song with this title/
But like The King with Heat/ im after the title/
Cuz whats an MVP without rings like Kobe/
Whoeva knows me/ knows I go hard/ and thats real g
Until the day I die/ I believe I can fly/
DelgAtZ on tha rise/ like Mike/ idolized/
But till the day strike fame/ i remain self proclaimed/
Underground with an aim/ mixing plesure and pain/
My pure poetry/ labels me an MC/
Picture that/ pick ya battles/ and void a pickle with me/
If u aint a friend uz a foe/ and u aint fuckin with this flow/
Cuz tonight Im Roy Jones/ feel the pressure from my blow... bitch!

Under pressure/
Coming through in the clutch/
On the real
Ya competition aint enough.. bitch!
Under pressure/
Coming through in the clutch/
So relax and take notes/ from the realist
[repeat 2x]

Under pressure/ coming through in the clutch/
So relax and take notes/ hit this dutch/
When night hits/ watch me make hits on the mic/
I ignite flames/ carrying the torch in this game/
Xxplosive from the brain/ ignition on these lames/
Im fire up/ as the pressure stirs up/
Eaze up the pressure when the liqueur stirs up/
I rock mics like Jigga/ genius like GZA/
Thats wutsup/ Im so immaculate/
Pack ya backpack up cuz this games wrapped up.
Why would you pass me up/ I go big like NASA
Its go big or go home till my contracts up
Bo bo ba ba/ dry ya tears and man up
Hands up/ the fans love that young buck
Like the rookie Brandon Jennings coming through in the clutch
Unless u Tyreke Evans/ competition aint enough... bitch!


You under pressure bitch?
Who you suppose to oppose?
I see u come and go quicker than yo-yo's
Even them hoes know/ im talkin bout them cheerleaders
they root pros/ u niggaz are bench seaters
Heavy hitta in this game/ Rap game Giambi
Without Canseco behind me/ Im still skinny like Ghandi
Im bout rewind time/ and do it like Ali
Lyrical blow ur mind/ then attack ya body
I aint Marshall yet/ but i create palms of sweat
Stayin cool and collect/ Im bout sweet as it gets
Im always sweeter than swishers/ on tha grind pushas
Pushin chills through your sweater/ no one can pressure better
No one can touch my game/ Fear me like Hussien
Wanna target my name?/ Then bring the gang
Yea, thats watsup/ 4 out the Acura
Come out talk shit up/ then fail to back it up


Monday, November 10, 2008

DJ DelgAtZ Presentz - Global Pursuit Ent. Instrumentalz

DJ DelgAtZ Presentz - Global Pursuit Ent. Instrumentalz

1. 420
2. X
3. Without U
4. Without Me
5. Walk On
6. Trust
7. Threatz
8. Spit Da Finish
9. A Song For You
10. Round Da Corner
11. Ridin'
12. Returners
13. Relax n' Take Notes
14. Poetry
15. On Tha Run
16. Old School
17. Northern Takeova
18. Lay It Down
19. Im Bacc!
20. Git Tha Party Poppin'
21. Fuck Da World
22. Body Rock

DJ DelgAtZ Presentz - Global Pursuit Ent. Instrumentalz